Friday, June 19, 2009

Currently Loving {sunsets & lemonade}

I am currently loving...

The smell of blooming roses, the scent of lavender and cedarwood candles, and freshly squeezed lemonade in pretty glass jars... I think that every home in the spring and summer should be adorned with fresh flowers and candles. I especially like to light mine after all is clean and tidy!

Learning to count money with the little one... After doing some printable math worksheets that I printed on the web, I grabbed some toys from his room and put prices on them. Then I would ask him what he wanted to "buy" and he would have to read the amount and get the correct amount from his bank to give to me. If he gives me the correct amount, he gets to keep "buy" it and if not, he has to put it back and try again.

Blooming tomatoes...I hope to get a few more herbs and flowers this weekend. I will be sure to share pics if I do!

Cotton candy and ocean blue sunsets beyond my window...

Halima and her BaBa napping...

& homemade cardboard forts handcrafted by little hands!


  1. This post is so inspiring...heck, you are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your spirit.

  2. pretting roses, candle and lemonade, great learning game with son and really cute photo of Halima with her Baba!

  3. ohh what a beautiful post! are we sharing a brain?

    i've been dreaming about fact told e...remember to get a big sack of lemons @ costco today...i'm always dreaming on beautiful skies...still in love with when the kids play in forts...and am currently loving watching e with the kids...

    your pictures are romancing my eyes something serious lady!

    p.s. we play "store" with the kids too...they love it