Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When I Grow Up I Want To Be An Artist {when a mother creates}

Motherhood Is Art...Balancing the art of motherhood and creativity can sometimes come easy but many times it is quite a task to master. I appreciate this documentary entitled "Who Does She Think She Is" regarding being a mother and an artist collectively. I have always wanted to be an artist and a stay at home mother. In fact while I was still in high school I told my mother that these were my life goals. She did not discourage me with words like "well, you can be a career woman", but she nodded her head, gave me a smile, and said "That's A Good Thing", and I forever appreciate her for that response. I think that if she had shown any dis-agreement about it, it could have reshaped my thoughts and values. Nevertheless, while attending the Savannah College of Art & Design, I feel that I started out on the right path towards becoming an artist, yet with the interventions of life and motherhood, I must say that my creative spirit took a back seat for quite some time.

Now I feel have a bit more clarity when it comes to my creative time and goals, which is why I started my craft blog: Crafty Hues. I truly feel that creativity and motherhood goes hand in hand. I tell everyone that "A Mothers Creativity Can Save The World." As corny as it may sound, I truly believe this! Imagine a world where our mothers used ALL of their forms of creative expression and love to raise their children..imagine the level of confidence this world could have! I hear a lot of moms say that they are not creative, but I beg to differ...we create life, therefore, we can develop creativity within any shape and form.

So, as I grow up and as each day sets and rises, I hope to become an artist, but not just the kind of artist that creates beautiful paintings and decadent designs, but the kind of artist that also creates a masterpiece within my family..and with the help of my husband...sculpting each of my kids as you would on a potters wheel..with gentleness, creativity, and thought. We as mothers are all artists...as we bring out the art of life with each creative moment that we offer up to our families.


  1. your words, this video...the conversation...the topic...gave me continuous goose bumps...i got one chill...only to have another one return..

    Thank you for sharing this..!! i've been struggling on this the past few weeks...and ahh this was all like a breath of fresh air for my soul...

    all i can think now is: who do she is? and laugh...cause i know.

    a artist!

  2. I like this post - especially the thought that Motherhood is art. So true. Caring for baby doesn't give me a lot of time for my own crafts, though, and that is hard, but Mothers are nothing if not flexible. :-)

  3. I don't have any children yet, but as someone who wants them in the next few years, this is something I ponder often. What kind of artist/woman/wife/mother do I want to be? I also think creative people make amazing parents! People who are open to new concepts and ideas, and expose their children to all the beauty and culture the world has to offer.