Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dimples & Dandelions {bedding to build a dream on}

Oh how darling. Not only do I love the name of the website "Dimples & Dandelions", but I adore these bedding collections for girls! From pretty and frilly to simple and chic, these designs are sure to make your little girl feel like the magical princess she is!


  1. Let me get something straight? Can this be true? You just had a baby, you home school your son, you have THREE fabulous blogs AND you are a textile designer who was talented enough to attend SCAD? You ARE truly inspiring, I did some quick browsing over all of your blogs and found all of this out. I work as a freelance product designer from home while taking care of my 1 yr. old daughter. I just started 2 etsy shops and have 2 blogs, one that is more motherhood/kid focused and then my "business" one and I often feel like I can barely keep my head above water. So I just would like to applaud you for all that you do and say I am backing you one hundred percent with your getting back into your art. Question, where are you selling your textiles? I really like them. I'm so glad I found your blogs! Oh and btw, these bedrooms are adorable, I especially like the one with the quilt and the white globe light, I always seem to be drawn to the mix of homespun and modern.

  2. That's a gorgeous website. I like the aqua with the pink and the Swedish blue and white folk design.

  3. So sweet! Alas, I have two boys and am currently transforming one bedroom into a "sports" theme (with as much artistic flair as the sports-fanatic six year old will allow). It would be much more fun to do it all pink and pretty, but at least this forcing me to be creative! :) Love the blog.