Friday, October 2, 2009

Organize It {ikea shelves}

You know, I have re-arranged Sety's room so many times and have purged lots of toys that he has outgrown and even items that he has "collected" from around the house and turned into toys, but no matter what I do, he still seems to find a way to make a huge mess with random little trinkets. I do not necessarily blame him for the untidiness. My theory is that if I had a better way of keeping his room ORGANIZED, then he would have an easier time keeping it tidy.

Whenever we move to our next home (I just do not feel like re-decorating this apartment of ours) I want to design his room with lots of "cubby" holes, wide bookshelves, and plenty of organized spaces. One thing about decorating a child's room is that we as moms can get a little bit unrealistic. Sometimes we try to make it LOOK good and we tend to forget about the practicality of it for the little

So while browsing the web for inspiration, I came across a cool flickr group called "Ikea Shelves". I grew quite fond of these shelves featured in an array of kids rooms!

Organizing The Kids


  1. What a great group, thanks for sharing.


  2. What an awesome group! I didn't realize how good I had it living near an Ikea. Now the closest one is 4 hours away! :-/

  3. Its like a lightbulb went off. I've seen these bookshelves MILLIONS of times, considered them many times, but never for my daughters room. Considering Ikea is only 10 minutes from me, i think i'm gonna have to take a trip. Thanks for such a simple yet effective suggestion...

  4. I'm an Ikea girl all the way. Just started homeschooling my daughter and Ikea cubbies saved the day. Now I have storage for all of her books and curriculum. Love them!!

  5. OOOOOO! My lightbulb just went off at well. I may need to make an IKEA run this weekend.

  6. Just made my first and second trips to Ikea in one week! I am in love with it! I bought bookcases and a desk. My playroom is so organized I could cry!! Thanks for showing us what others do with their shelves!!